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OpenAPI and Swagger UI


Our OpenAPI specification is made accessible by the broker controller. It is available at the following URL https://<cluster_fqdn>/<control-plane>/api/v1/controller/openapi where:

  • <cluster_fqdn> is the cluster's FQDN, e.g.
  • <control-plane> is the name of the desired control plane namespace e.g. control-plane.

Swagger UI

The Swagger UI of our internal cluster is provided at https://<cluster_fqdn>/<control-plane>/api/v1/controller/swagger-ui/ with the values <cluster_fqdn> and control-plane as above.

The Swagger UI of our external cluster is provided at https://<eurodat_client_fqdn>/<eurodat_client_ns>/api/v1/client-controller/swagger-ui/ where:

  • <eurodat_client_fqdn> is the external cluster's FQDN for either provider or consumer
  • <eurodat_client> is the namespace where the client is deployed, for example dev.

Please use k9s to gain a more detailed overview of the clusters.